This is a cost saving option for our clients. We offer this share load furniture removal option on all major national routes and to all cities within South Africa, You only pay one way and you only pay for the space that you occupy in the truck. All the running costs of the truck and your moving team are split amongst multiple clients going to the same destination as you 

DBN Moving Company offers an efficient moving service along The West Coast from Langebaan, Vredenburg, St Helena Bay to Cape Town & between all major cities in South Africa. 

A Professional Removal Team, Closed Truck, Blankets & Strapping are all included with every furniture removal quote & service that we provide to ensure your furniture & personal effects are protected and secured in the truck. 

Our dedicated and professional moving teams are included in your free removal quotation and we will load, secure and offload your furniture into its designated position in your new house, flat, townhouse or offices. 

All Furniture Removals have an optional pack and wrap service where we comprehensively pack up your household contents and provide full protective wrapping for delicate furniture, lounge suites, mattresses and any chosen furniture items.

A Protective Wrapping of selected furniture items is also optional

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Langebaan furniture Removal Services

Langebaan Furniture Removal Services

Langebaan - Saldanha - Vredenburg - West Coast

to Cape Town as well as Long Distance Furniture Removals to all South African Cities 

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Barely an hour’s drive from Cape Town, the idyllic setting of the Langebaan Lagoon greets visitors with its azure waters and white, sandy beaches. Stretching for 17 km, it is a purely saltwater lagoon. 

Early indigenous inhabitants were Khoihoi and San with Vasco da Gama’s landing at St Helena Bay in 1497 the first of European settlers. Historically the area and the five islets in the area served diverse roles, from smallpox quarantine stations to storage for whale oil and seal pelts.

Langebaan’s modern profile is vastly different. It is a burgeoning town which plays home to a diverse cross-section of people, including retirees, commuter residents, employees at neighbouring industry and fun-seekers. 

To protect its culture as a fishing, holiday and retirement village, which lends to its allure and there are a myriad activities to keep even the most disinterested busy. With over 300 species of birds found on the lagoon, it’s a birdwatchers paradise and August and September sees Mother Nature show off her colourful splendour through the wild flowers in the area. 

Langebaan’s white, sandy beaches and the protected blue waters of the lagoon make it a paradise for sailors, kayakers, kite-surfers and anglers.

The popular Club Mykonos Resort hosts a number of annual events, festivals and exhibitions.

It certainly makes sense to relocate to this beautiful town. If you’re looking for a reliable relocation company or furniture mover, we can assist your move.

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